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Is it possible to Swap Fn and Alt Key positions by Firmware modification or software hack?


I cannot raise this as an outstanding issue because it is not technically an issue or a bug. It’s a feature change user specific custom requirement modification.

Nethertheless maybe the community knows something we don’t?

Aaron Yeh
How can I get a solution to switch Fn Key and Alt Key?

The Fn key has no scan code and cannot be changed, but you swap the WIN and ALT key values. We provide a swap and restore registry file, and you can also use the KeyTweak software to perform the modification. Download Win and Alt key swap Http://

I’m also aware that @joshwiththegoodhair did a script to to modify the bottom row of keyboard of GPD MicroPC - although from reading it it also swapped the Windows and ALT key not the Fn and Alt keys. (see here

Perhaps like GPD have stated because there is no scan code with Fn key it is not possible?

It should be possible in the keyboard firmware I would think… I don’t know enough about it to attempt a modification, but looking at the keyboard firmware hex file GPD provides for updating, and comparing it to a common custom keyboard firmware online (QMK keyboard firmware), it looks to be the same format. Someone with knowledge of QMK may be able to do it.


I don’t believe this is QMK format. My daily USB keyboard is QMK and they’re very different.

Oh ok, I just looked at the raw hex data from the gpd file and a qmk firmware hex file and they had a similar look/format.

GPD English Keyboard firmware HEX

QMK Keyboard Firmware Hex

The mentioned fix in this thread provided by GPD, to modify the registry entry for the Key swap between Win + Alt keys, works for me. Is it possible to swap the physical keys as well, by removing them carefully? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Yes you can do this. Follow the sticky keys thread and see the method in that post. There is a video in that thread.

I messed up trying to swap the physical keys [Windows Key and Alt Key]. I broke the Alt Keys inner plastic. Thought luckily the key sits properly and functions without any issue so far.


You should not have needed to touch the white mechanism part really
Just to remove the black key cap off as per video I mentioned. And swap them round.


Sorry you’ve done this. You could fuse it with Gorilla glue (ensure you do this away from device and ensure it has thoroughly cured before putting back in device) or ask kendyz for replacement alt key part both black top and white plastic mechanism.
Should be cheap part. Few dollars only.

I did not remove the white plastic part, When I popped out the black part of the key, the white plastic was already misaligned from its place. So when I checked it was in this condition. I really don’t know whether I broke it in the process of removing the black part, or its already in this condition. But its working fine as of now. I also sent a request to kendyz for a replacement.

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Language change was turned off after replacing WIN and ALT. How do I set language changes with the new ALT key?

@Minjun am I understanding correctly?

Since you did firmware change released by GPD to swap the win and alt position are you saying that the Change Keyboard Language Setting Shortcut (Left Alt + Shift) no longer works with the new ALT position?

This seems very odd as I would have thought as there is only one alt key that this would have still been a left alt key in firmware provided by GPD?
When it sounds like they MAY have substituted it for Right Alt Key

Is my understanding correct?

I am saying that the Change Keyboard Language Setting Shortcut (Left Alt + Shift) no longer works with the new ALT position.
But I can change the language by shift + space by changing the keyboard layout. Is this the best?

I’ve raised with GPD, let’s see what they say. In meantime yes continue to use that work around.


@Minjun - Here is what I got back from GPD. I wonder if you can make sense of this and whether it will assist? Please let me know?

The first merge the “restore default” registry file, then download the KeyTweak software to modify, download the address

I think what they are asking you to do is to restore the original default registry file.
Then use keytweak software to modify behaviour.

I think this is possible, with windows power toys.
I had briefly, changed my alt key to right shift.