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Looking for someone with some passion to take over the running of this project

Hi all,

It is with regret that I am announcing that due to personal circumstances I am unable to continue with this project.

I would like to hand it over to someone who would be willing for me to migrate the site lock stock and barrel as it is and repoint the A records to their box. What you then do with the site is obviously down to you but I would like it to go to supporting GPD users with their products in a similar format.

I would also be happy to discuss transferring the domain name for a nominal amount.

I am going to give @joshwiththegoodhair first refusal simply because he has been a really knowledgeable member and also he had which I was unaware of at the time I set this up. Our plan was to migrate the two sites but Unfortunately our commitments with other things never made that convergence happen.

Just to update there has been a couple of people privately message me.

I am giving some time for @joshwiththegoodhair to respond and will come back to everyone within one to two weeks.


@admin - I just sent you a PM.

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