Category Topics


This is any announcements we feel will be beneficial to some or all GPD users. This will include BIOS / Firmware or Driver Updates etc.

Support & Help Requests

This is the place to ask for support or help requests.
We will do our best to assist or help but please remember we are not GPD. We are an unofficial user community support forum. We are GPD users who are volunteering our time on here, we are not paid, sponsored, or remunerated in any way by GPD for providing this community space. (Nor would we want to be)
Please be polite in this space. Any user not being respectful and polite will be given a warning and then blocked. This is a safe space and community for all GPD users.


A Category for any How-to guides or other helpful guidance on how to carry out step by step or procedural instructions which may be useful for a GPD device.


This category is for any topic which is to facilitate a general discussion.

Outstanding Issue

This category is for either known issues confirmed by GPD, for example Sticking Keys issue or Screen problems with cables etc. It is also used by admins or moderators for other issues that appear to be affecting a number of users and they are trying to assist with or track.

Resolved pending retest

This category is used by admin when the original issue creator has confirmed that the issue appears to be resolved but that they are going to retest or continue a longer test to ensure that the issue does not reoccur. Thanks.

Resolved Support Request

A category used once a Support/Help Request has been either resolved or if not heard back from the user who raised it after reaching out to them a couple of times.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.