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GPD P3 Max Wishlist - A Possible Successor to P2 Max

I am not sure if its too early to discuss this topic. But this could be a space where we can express our wish list in order to perfect the successor to P2 Max, if in case there exists a plan for GPD to come up with the next in line up, at a later point of time. I am starting with my own wish list below and trending items in the thread can be added to this first post.

  • The ultra-book’s size profile in length and width should not change
  • A bigger battery around 45 Watt Hr to be squeezed into the same profile, or slightly thicker profile
  • Thinner screen bezels (like the Dell XPS) making the screen size about just less than 10 inches
  • A non touch screen 10 inch 1080p (Full HD) AMOLED display option, since this would be a battery saver. A 1080p is more than sufficient for a 10 inch display and would be sharp enough for naked eye.
  • Mildly back-lit keyboard. Its enough for a mild back-lighting in order to save battery and avoid heat.
  • Larger numeric keys matching the size of the existing alphabetic keys
  • Camera on the top bezel (like the new Dell XPS)
  • And additional USB Type C port instead of the existing HDMI port
  • Gorilla glass on the display
  • A better functional touch pad as the current one sucks
  • A keyboard layout with Alt Key and Window Key swapped

A few observations about the keyboard:

· The integration of the function keys to the numbers keys is pretty smart, but I’d rather have had shorter keys overall to maintain a thin row of actual function keys.

· I wish WASD was lined up better. Gaming is hard.

· It really, really should have had a backlit keyboard, especially with how many common pieces of punctuation and math functions are hidden in unusual places.

As for the rest of the device:

· $700+ is too expensive for the level of performance.

· Not including a Micro SD slot was pretty lazy.

· The high resolution makes for a super-sharp display, but with the little screen size, it feels wonky.

· It could be about an inch bigger in each direction, still fit my needs for portability, and allow for a better keyboard layout.

· A bigger fan could move the same amount of air at a lower RPM and be a lot quieter, although the fan noise is largely addresses in the 0.21 BIOS.

  • I agree that a 1080p screen would be just fine at that size!
  • Yeah, the touch screen is more of a gimic for me, not a must.
  • Personally, I also don’t really need a camera that much.
  • And the finger touch sensor is very nice, but not a must for me, if it saves money…
  • Please a quieter fan :slight_smile: or make it possible to turn it off.
  • The recent keyboard is not very programmer friendly, but maybe that’s just me or too much of a fringe use case.

So far, I liked the keyboard of the first “GPD Pocket” the most, for one reason: the most useless key, and one of the biggest keys on any keyboard, the Caps Lock, was very small on the Pocket! I don’t get why Caps Lock is always the biggest key on most keyboard layouts…


Are there any more inputs to this thread from other users please. Let’s provide GPD with the top checklist at an earlier stage for them to know the major items.

Most of my wishes have been mentioned. Semi-passive cooling, webcam at the top, back-lit keyboard, extra USB-C output, larger battery even if it means a thicker device.

A bios with more options would be nice. There’s almost nothing to configure in this bios (most notably fan-curves).

And a wider choice in color options :slight_smile:


I want more keys. Coding or just using a shell with such a limited keyboard is painful. I need at least -, = and ; as unshifted keys. I can get used to awkward placement, but having to shift to get those is a pita.

The vaio P keyboard + rubstick is a reference.

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  1. I love the touch screen, in combination with TouchZoomDesktop (Windows only. Ignore the pricing. That’s for Tablet Pro. Download the TZD tool for free). That utility lets me zoom in on a section of the desktop and scroll around with my finger.

  2. I like the fingerprint sensor. It’s so convenient for logging in. Without it, I would have enabled auto login like I have with my desktop, and that’s a security no-no on a laptop. But repeated entries of a long ass password with hyphens on this keyboard?

  3. I like the form factor, and the weight. It’s got an elegant design that’s an instant eye catcher.

  4. More visible legends for the Fn functions, please, if you don’t want to use backlighting. I have no issues with the primary legends.

  5. Swap Win and Alt. I’ve already done this in Windows and physically swapped the keys, but that has led to a moment of confusion a couple of times already when trying to Ctrl-Alt-Del. I guess my muscle memory hasn’t been trained yet.

  6. WASD is servicable but could be better.

  7. Where’s INS?

  8. I have no need for a webcam, but I can understand that many do. At least include a privacy cover.

  9. Sell different color keycaps. Although I haven’t tried them yet, those stickers don’t look like they’ll last long.

  10. For the amount of times I use a memory card (2x a week, if that… and that’s on my desktops), I’ve got my USB-C hub and numerous high speed card readers.

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All the comments above covers some great ideas. I’ll also add:

I’d like to see a nice AMD CPU GPU combo in the next unit. I love Intel but even I have to admit AMD wins the low end low power CPU GPU combo wars while still being able to play games better than the low end Intel stuff.

Also, for the love of God make sure the USB Type-A ports are right side up next time! The upside down ports on the P2 Max can be a pain with some devices. The fraction of a mm that was probably saved by mounting them upside down is not worth it.

A fully compatible HDR screen would be nice too. The P2 Max screen is only compatible with HDR streaming video, not HDR apps or games for whatever reason.

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This! Using yubikeys is so annoying.

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I personally love the GPD win Max. Somehow, i do love thumb typing on gpd win 2 more.I work in sales, and this device is a life-saver.
I would like, a right shift key and a larger touch pad.Backlit keyboard and a 360 degree hinge. A Thunderbolt 3 usb c port instead of the HDMI port, on the right side.
Thinner bezels and a larger screen is welcome, with a web cam (with privacy shutter) on top.
There is bit of space near both sides of the touchpad, where some buttons can be moved.
I might be the only one with the opinion , that the device is too thin,and the corners dig in to the finger while trying to type like the win 2. I currently, rubber pads (furniture dampener) to bypass this and provide grip.

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My list:

  • keyboard design that does not suck. P2Max is a failure. Hire somebody who has good experience in the field. Crappy keyboard is a major turnoff
  • better energy efficiency - idle (static) power consumption is too high. Pocket2 is much better
  • get rid of the fingerprint gimmick, unneeded cost and power consumption
  • a dedicated or a Fn layer button for turning the fan completely off, like Pocket2
  • make a difference - provide a BIOS that is not crappy for a change. Work with the users to polish the remaining bugs


  • place USB A ports the normal way

Very optional:

  • provide a matte screen with less PPI and almost no bezel. 1280x800 would be fine. Now I know this is not going to happen, the market for screens is limited and I guess GPD don’t have much choice here - they just use whatever tablet screen leftovers are there and then build computer around them
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With most of the above comments, it seems like the ideal display resolution wished by most people should be a HD or maximum a Full HD and not more than that, and a better layout of keyboard.