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Recommend Car Chargers?

So I’m looking for a good car charger that will work with the P2 Max.

Currently I have a BC Master (BCM-CQ02) car charger that outputs Quick Charge 3.0 over the USB-C port (it doesn’t do PD), but it doesn’t work well with the P2 Max. It will charge for a few minutes then stop for a few minutes and keeps repeating that cycle, which just barely maintains the battery level under low to medium load or very slowly drains.

I don’t think it is just that it doesn’t have enough power to charge the P2 Max while in use, because during it’s few minutes of that charging cycle it does increase the battery percentage a few percent, but then it stops and the power plug logo on the windows battery icon disappears like it was unplugged, then it drains a few percent and starts the cycle over again (does the same thing on Linux as well).

So, if anyone has any recommendations on car Chargers that are known to work with the P2 Max, preferably ones with dual charging (one USB-C PD and one USB-A QC 3.0 port) I would greatly appreciate it!

I’m currently looking at this charger:

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I like this one.

30W PD which is the spec for P2 Max anything above this is kind of pointless as GPD have limited current. (Discussed in this thread)