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[SOLVED] Where key "Insert" at MicroPC keyboard?

Hi guys!
I just realized that I can not find the key “Insert” on my MicroPC keyboard.

It’s a most common usage key in terminal/linux systems…

Again, I’m not sure as I don’t have a MicroPC but this has been helpful for a number of people and may enable you to remap a key to insert if you need.

Unforunally, GPD MicroPC hasn’t Insert keyboard key! Why? :scream: It’s common usage key, better they remove Right Shift instead Insert. But in fact.

I found pure solution that applicable for most common Linux distros (and no need installing any soft)

In terminal:

# enter to superuser
sudo -s   

# create necessery dir and an empty file:
# /etc/udev/hwdb.d/70-keyboard.hwdb
# and write this 4 rows


# after save file
# update and reload hwdb.bin
systemd-hwdb update
sudo udevadm trigger

Now CapsLock key does function of Insert

Tested on my GPD MicroPC4.14