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SSD upgrades - What does the P2 Max support? Is it worth splurging on a top end or is there a bottleneck?

It certainly would. The 970 EVO Plus would, if marginally. However, they’re both much more expensive (the 970 Evo is nearly DOUBLE the price where I am in Indonesia) and draw much more power.

I was faced with the same decision and went for the lower heat and power draw. This is plenty fast for me, but others may prefer the faster speeds.

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I was wondering if the Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD could be a good alternative as a power and heat efficient drive?

The review at Tomshardware isn’t stellar. Yeah it’s got lower raw consumption during use, but that use isn’t efficient (114 Mb/s vs 186 Mb/s for the XPG which would result in a longer amount of time to transfer data and therefore allow heat to build up) and the other benchmarks aren’t great. Remember that I’m a noob, so use your own judgement. If you’re okay with lower performance (I would be, as my main use isn’t heavy with massive amounts of data) I’d say go for it.

Also, the XPG comes with a heat spreader which I am using. It’s just a slim piece of metal attached to the SSD with thermal pads. I expect it’s helping a lot with the low heat I’m seeing.

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Thank you for your input. I will mostly use the P2max for work and office purposes, running Linux and sometimes Windows in a virtual machine. So both drives (crucial or XPG) could be good choices for that kind of uses? Battery time and lower heat are also more important to me than speed (as long as it is as fast as a normal sata ssd).

For VM use I’d personally prefer a drive with better ratings than the crucial. The Samsung 970 Evo would be my choice for speed vs cost, but its power draw isn’t good. The adata is a good balance.

Keep in mind that VMs are essentially one gigantic file that’s constantly being read and written from. Windows has its own swap file, hibernation file and a whole mess of temporary files - that VM is going to be accessed a LOT.

In fact, if you’re going to use windows a fair amount I would dual boot.

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