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Adding Linux to GPD P2 Max

First time user here… I purchased a GPD P2 Max last fall, and would like to set it up for dual-boot with the current Windows plus Linux. I’ve done some research about this, but I’m not sure how to be successful. I did a quick search here without any results.

I am a long-term Linux user, back to the 0.95 floppy booting, then many different distros since. But, I haven’t successfully done it since Microsoft has added Secure Boot and Bitlocker. Rather, I’ve used my older laptops with Ubuntu and Linux Mint installed. I’ve tried some instructions from the 'net, but have had to do recoveries with Bitlocker after Windows no longer ran.

I see on my GPD that there are two main partitions, with Windows on the smaller one. I assume that I can install Linux on the larger partition, after I shrink it.

Can someone point me to known good instructions on how to add Linux (I assume Ubuntu Mate) to the GPD as a dual-boot?
Thank you!
Terry, N4TLF


this is really easy and straight forward. Just shrink the Windows volume to that size that you have enough free for your Linux installation. Then download the MATE OS build for the P2 Max from here move it to a USB drive and boot from that drive. In the installation gui just create a new partition for the Linux OS. Donte use the auto setting is will shrink you’re Windows partition. After the installation choose the Linux as first boot option and then you will get asked if you want to boot Linux or Windows. If you choose Windows for the first boot option it will never ask you if you want to boot the Linux.


Thank you mangel! It took me a few days to fix some earlier failed tries, but with your info above, I think that I have it now.

When I received my P2Max, there was already two partitions (C and D) drive. I installed Linux Mint on the second partition (converting it to Ext4 and creating a swap partition).

On startup, I run these commands to get appropriate resolution scaling:

xrandr --output eDP-1 --mode 2560x1600
xrandr --output eDP-1 --scale .5x.5
xinput map-to-output 'pointer:Goodix Capacitive TouchScreen'  eDP-1

Thank you for the response. I did get Ubuntu on the hard drive, as it was not “locked” by Windows. I will look at adding your commands as well.

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