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Bags recommendations?

Any recommendations for bags that will fit this machine? Something that just fits p2 max
Perhaps those with ipad mini could give some ideas?
Gpd’s bag looks okay, but im looking for something that will also fit my surface bluetooth mouse

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I’ve just ordered this

but it’s not arrived yet I will let you know when I receive it hopefully later today 1. If it fits and 2. How it is

Hmm sorry i think i used the wrong term,
I’m looking for sleeve case like this

Since i’m already using it with a sling bag, i just need some kind of case for shock protection,
Kinda difficult to find a hard case since its a niche product, so i guess sleeve case like that is the only possible solution…

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  1. Fits like a glove it’s perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

P2 Max snug inside built in neoprene sleeve

Charger and Cable inside zip front pocket

USB C Dongle in one side velcro pocket (other velcro pocket on same side as Zip pocket not used)

  1. Quality seems good. In built neoprene protector. Strong looking straps. Lifetime guarantee and less than £6. I cannot grumble at all

  2. Problem appears that it’s only available in the UK. I tried changing .com url and got page not found. I also tried searching and couldn’t find it.

@denywinarto - Sorry for misunderstanding, unfortunately I can’t help you as I’ve not bought a sleeve.
Any Ipad Mini sleeve should fit the P2Max though.

Hi @denywinarto - What about this as a hardcase you mention?

It may just fit the P2 Max, and if not - Amazon allows returns for full refund.

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No worries, thanks for reviewing it though, looks nice, too bad it’s only available in UK.

Now that looks like what i’m looking for, will try to order it and review it here.

Seems like it will also fit the charger, hopefully it can be used for mouse pad as well

Rather not refund it though, the shipment cost will be more expensive than the item itself :slight_smile:

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It will be very hard to find a good fit case, i have ordered about 8 different ones to try, i doubt any will be a good fit, i will report all the ones i tried after they arrive.
Regarding the official one form GPD on aliexpress i have 2 points

  1. it seems to be much thicker than it ought to be.
  2. it costs $20 which is just over the import duty threshold, so the import duty to the UK was about £3 + about £10 handling fee which made it total about $38 waste of money in my opinion.
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If your in UK this is a perfect fit and very cheap. It’s really well made and should be more than 6 quid imo.

I am in the UK, how big is it? is it much bigger than the actual device? and does it have padding?

Read above @sruliuk the photos are there.
There is a built In Neoprene sleeve.

I put mine in a Targus sleeve and then Velcro it in the built in neoprene. I should state it’s tight in the neoprene on its own as I think the photo shows. When I put additional Targus sleeve on first I have to carefully fold over edges and carefully push it around to make it fit. It’s super tight.

It’s very tight but it’s exaclty what I wanted and fits usb c dongle 12 in 1 and charging cable and mains plug.

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I carry my P2 Max with a large Moleskin notebook in a Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack.

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I bought the below. It is a snug (but not tight) fit, but I prefer that to being too loose.


@Lewys - Thanks for your suggestion. I just purchased over here in the US!

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I would love to know if it fits in a pacsafe metrosafe ls100 or metrosafe x compact. Similar bags recommendations welcome.

It does fit in a pacsafe metrosafe ls100. It is an extremely tight fit in the “pocket” that is intended for a tablet, but it does fit!

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@groundloop Does fit this one vertically, got one for about $30 CAD on Amazon

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thanks, i fit my P2 & P2 max in it

This might be more useful to ladies, but for anyone wanting to use something that doesn’t look like a laptop bag or a backpack, it does fit in the ‘Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Small E/W Crossbody Bag.’ That’s the product title on Amazon, since for whatever reason the mobile version of this site isn’t letting me paste hyperlinks. It’s just big enough without being too snug.

AMAZON UK Customers:

AMAZON US Customers:

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