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Bios 0.25 vs Bios 0.24

Is 0.25 worth installing? Is it working properly on Linux (and Windows for that matter)? Does it solve any issues? (Fan, crash in sleep mode, etc.)


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I’d like to know of anyone who has made the switch too. I have deliberately not wanted to try to be honest in case something else breaks.

@Krauthaus - How has your experience been since changing from 0.24 to 0.25?

It’s running pretty smooth so far:) But since everything work I won’t update to 0.27 before I saw some reviews^^


@Krauthaus Thank you very much for the update, are you using linux?

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Windows and Linux, some of my work software is not very linux friendly

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@Krauthaus, thanks my question was more related to the bios update working on linux, many thanks

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Windows user, updated to .27. Dramatically quieted the fan down and I’ve had no difficulty with the operation. One thing is that I have to hold the power button down for a while, like five seconds, to get it to boot and I think this was shorter before.

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On what version were you before the upgrade to 0.27?

Whatever came with the P2. It didn’t have the option of quiet mode in Bios so it was before 0.24. I didn’t see any indication of what it was, though.

where can i get the latest bios file from?