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Bios 0.29 - any benefits / experiences of upgrading

Hi all

I’m still on 0.24 and wondered whether there was any benefits to upgrade to 0.29 bios.

I ask because Im looking at trying the hackintosh route.
I tried late last night hackintosh for the first time. Im not guru nor a dsdt hacker but I found it fairly straight forward using tutorials mentioned here:

The only issue I had was my touchpad didn’t work. everything else was fine wifi / Bluetooth / even goodix touchscreen worked flawlessly.

I believe the touchpad issue is because I upgraded the oem original drivers to upgraded English Synaptics PTP drivers (precision touchpad) consequently I have an issue with that.

Would be grateful for anyone whose experienced benefits of 0.29 to comment below, I would especially like to hear from those running 0.29 and using azkalis clover folder for hackintosh.