Charging Icon Intermittently stops charging (see video)

Jeff Tang

I’ve been using it for about a week or so and all seems well. However now the charging icon keeps turning on and off in Windows. I’m using the adapter and cable that you have supplied with the P2 Max. My BIOS version is 0.22. See video in the link:

Uploaded Video here:

This really concerns me, seeing as how I just saw the post about all the battery & charging issues with the GPD Micro PC…

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The same with the Pocket2 - Ive just been on their campaign pages.
All I’m seeing is lots of people all having battery issues / charging issues / laptop doesn’t turn on issues.
The only coherent response from GPD HK is “You can contact Kendyz to buy a new battery as the battery is not covered under warranty”

This is beyond a joke.

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This definitely seems like charging port issue. I had this issue when i am previously tried using one of my anker type c charger as i doesnt want to open up the new gpd supplied type c charger. But then i had this issue as well, works fine when using their provided type c charger though.

This seems to be a persistent problem when the CPU is drawing a lot of power, and that is a problem for me when the notebook is doing compute intensive tasks.

If something is going to consume all 4 CPUs for 20 minutes, I need to first charge the battery, unplug the charger and run the computation, during which time it will go through perhaps 20% of battery.

Not what I need… GPD is there a work around for this?


You should upgrade your bios to 0.25

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