Device came weird after repair

My gpd p2 max just came back from repair.
But for some odd reason it’s connecting to an administrator account. (mine was probably deleted)
And it came in Chinese and all. (whice I fixed even thou it refused to enter settings the normal way.)
I am afraid to do something like reseting the pc so I’ll have it cleaned out. And fresh start.
And suggestions?
Thank you in advance

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Mine came back similarly, but without the Chinese aspect thankfully…although it did have a few directories with Chinese characters for names.

It was enough for me to decide to completely wipe it and re-install Windows 10 from scratch. This isn’t terribly difficult for someone who has a computer background but can be daunting to the average user. If you don’t feel comfortable, maybe reach out to a local computer place and have them quote you to do the re-install. They shouldn’t charge more than an hour as it is, as I said, relatively easy for a tech. They will have to download some larger driver files from the GPD site (1GB or so) to get a couple things like the touchscreen working again, but it overall was relatively painless.

In any case, good luck!


Well there was a file names reset oob or something.
Any way it made the win10 reinstall from scratch with Makin a user and security.

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@erezd did you manage to resolve this now with a clean install?