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Dodgy Reseller - GPD Store UK

Man, what a story. Here goes…

  • I ordered a GPD P2 Max from GPD Store UK on Amazon. It turned up in reasonable time and I used it for a couple of weeks. The fan is indeed very loud but it performs well.
  • Despite taking good care of it the screen hinge became loose. I returned it to GPD Store requesting a replacement.
  • After GPD Store took delivery they were silent for a few days
  • I emailed to ask what was going on and they told me they were having the unit repaired
  • I reminded them I’d asked for a replacement and didn’t want my brand new laptop to have a history of faults
  • They told me the P2 Max was out of stock and a replacement would not be possible for some weeks
  • They also told me that if I wanted a refund I’d have to mail in the box and accessories, which they had asked me not to send the first time. Hooray, another hour packaging it up and queueing in the post office.
  • I asked for a refund
  • GPD Store suddenly discovered they had a delivery coming soon and promised to dispatch the replacement on Mon/Tue and give me the tracking number
  • By Thursday they had done no such thing. I wrote again to say if given up waiting and wanted a refund
  • GPD Store contrived to misunderstand the email and sent me a second copy of the invoice instead.
  • Two and a half weeks after I mailed the laptop back I wrote again demanding a refund, also escalating the issue to Amazon
  • A day later GPD Store replied to my email demanding a refund (they literally quoted it at the bottom) to say they’d just dispatched a replacement. Total w*f.

So we have a brand new laptop with a wobbly hinge (maybe it’s just a problem with mine, maybe it’s a design flaw - I haven’t seen enough of them to tell) and a GPD reseller who breaks promises to send a replacement and when badgered for a refund, deliberately ignores everything you tell them and sends another one out after you’ve told them you don’t want it. And since they did that I’ll have to waste a bunch more time mailing it back. Avoid these guys like the plague.