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Fabric Screen Protector Sheet Guidance


Just some friendly guidance based on my experience with a MacBook Pro.

I would encourage all users to keep the fabric screen protector sheet which came between the screen and keyboard and to use it.

For me personally I’ve drawn round the screen protector sheet to create a template incase I ever want to replace it (if it starts to look dirty) with Aida fabric.

The reason I have done this is on a MacBook Pro I had screen delaminating issues caused by the oils that are released from your fingers when your typing. These oils sit on the keys and can (in my case they did) transfer to the screen and over time it caused my screen to be de-laminated in parts and also key imprints became visible.

It was covered by EU 6 year consumer warranty laws and I got the screen replaced but I’d strongly recommend you use it to stop any transfer of oils from keyboard to screen on p2 max.

I’m actually very impressed GPD provided this.