GPD MicoPC: Dead Battery and Battery Will Not Charge. (How to Split Case?)

The battery is dead after several months and won’t charge. I have contacted, but no response as yet.

I have removed the five small screws, but am not able to split the case. Someone, please explain how.

Thanks … Reed

Any luck? I have the same issue where I can’t get the case apart. I don’t want to crack the case.

This worked for me:

You need a very small (micro) Phillips screw driver.

Good luck … burntoutgeek

What you dont easily notice is there is a hidden screw under the labal

I have TWO MicroPCs with an apparently dead battery - neither were used for some time (2-3 weeks) and now the battery won’t charge. Is it possible it’s something else besides a dead battery? I would imagine a new battery should last more than 3-4 months :frowning:

I had the same problem, and did receive another battery from GPD. However, I think there is a problem with the computer. I think it refuses to attempt charge if the battery is discharged to zero, or something close to that (arguably, a serious defect).

I received a reply from Kendyz:

Yes,it may the same issue with your Mpc.

The battery is broken.But we don’t have the battery now.

We are testing the new battery.

Please wait carefully.

Thanks a lot.

So I guess we have a glorified mini-desktop for now :frowning: