GPD P2 Max 2022 BIOS/Firmware Versuibs?

I purchased a GPD P2 Max 2022 in Feb. 2023… I am happy with the device, but am a bit confused as to whether I have the most recent BIOS and Firmware.

First, any diagnostic tool shows this as a GPD P3 Max… which might just be because it has 16gb ram and is Windows 11. I’m not sure about that.

Second, is the most recent BIOS 2.03 from 12-1-2021? And what is the most recent firmware version?

Finally, the GPD listing of only the P2 Max on the Support and Download pages has me wondering whether it is referencing my machine or not.

Thanks in advance to the community for any feedback!

I would like to know if there is a BIOS update also. What diagnostic tool are you using to display the BIOS version? I am troubleshooting a problem with a blank screen display after closing and reopening the lid. I want to try updating the BIOS to see if that will fix the problem.

I’m using the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant. And yours is the only response I’ve had to this issue so far…

The Pocket 3 support page has a download for Pocket 3 (N6000) version BIOS Firmware v1.15. I have no idea if that would work on the P2 Max 2022. I sent an email request about a BIOS upgrade to Pocket support and will report here if I receive a reply. Other than the blank screen problem after reopening the lid, my P2 Max 2022 works great. I have a dual boot setup with Windows 11 and Xubuntu 22.10.

GPD Support sent an email link to P3_P3MAX(N6000)_Drivers_V1.3 to update the drivers and BIOS. After I installed the package, the BIOS is still version 2.02, 11/26/2021. I do not think this package will update the BIOS. After I updated the Graphics Driver using the Intel Driver & Support Assistant, the display recovers after opening the lid.

I did find their official Softwin website, which is in Mandarin.
GPD P2 Max 2022 固件下载-深圳市中软赢科技术有限公司 (
There is no link to any firmware/BIOS downloads. I can only assume there has been no update.

They only have “ghost” systems (basiclly pre-install/bundled Windows images). I assume they contain nothing useful. If you want, you can download those – they are 10GB zip files, so I won’t download that and make a mess on my laptop.

They do have a English website Download - Shenzhen GPD Technology Co., Ltd., however it’s basically garbage and provide no meaningful infomation.

msinfo32.exe is able to provide you the name BIOS reports to Windows.

To launch just type “msinfo” into windows search bar. Or “msinfo32.exe”. Or type “START msinfo32.exe” in a command line

You can also go into BIOS (typically mashing F1, Del, Enter, Esc, F2, but can be other Function keys) and see that in overview. Typically.