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GPD P2 Max battery not charging

My GPD P2 Max has just started not charging the battery… It starts to show charging, but after about a minute the battery icon stops showing charging, and the status shows about 2 hours and 15 minutes left permanently, until unplugged and plugged back in.

My wife and I have two of these, hers is working fine with both chargers, mine doesn’t charge with either charger. So, I suspect the battery itself is bad? If I need to, can I get a new battery?
Thank you, Terry Fox

Terry - That definitely sounds like an issue with the battery. You could try to physically disconnect the battery, wait a few minutes, then reconnect it to see if that fixes it.

If you do need a new battery, I can ship you one from Charleston, SC if you’re in the US. Otherwise, I would recommend checking out GPD’s AliExpress store. (Due to lithium ion shipping regulations, I can’t ship outside the continental US.)

thank you for the fast reply Josh. I did disconnect and reconnect it, and it seems to be happier now. It charged fully. I will try almost fully discharging it, then charging it again to be sure everything is fine. We both enjoy these machines!

My battery appears to be working when plugged in but immediately depletes when unplugged. Any thoughts about what to do? Thanks

@mnsills My apologies for being late to reply. That definitely seems like the battery might be having trouble. I would recommend opening the case, disconnecting the battery connector from the main board for thirty seconds, then reconnecting it. Then see if you’re having the same issue.

Hi Josh,

For a while now my P2 max won’t charge whilst the device is off. You have to turn it on, then plug the device in, wait for the charging symbol to show before powering down the device to charge the battery.

Unfortunately, the battery went too low before I could plug it in and now the laptop won’t turn on and the battery won’t charge as I cannot turn the device on.

Is there something that could be causing this issue or do I need a new battery?