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GPD p2 max running hot

the CPU temperature of my GPD p2 max is typically around 50 degree C when doing normal things, but as soon as i do a bit more intensive stuff (in my case image processing, but it isnt that demanding) it runs very hot and remains between 75 and 85 degree, sometimes going up to 95.

My question is if it is safe to run the laptop for longer time with temperatures like that, and if there is a way to keep it at lower temperatures.

I’m using Ubuntu with bios 0.24


in case someone has similar problems, this is how i solved it:
i installed CPU power manager and turned the turbo boost off. I do not feel a difference in speed but the temperature is now stable below 60 degree celsius, no matter what I do.

I got absolute dream temps, even with lowered fan becuse of nbfc. I did undervolted mine with intel xtu about 0.085 and in hybernate mode my energy saving plan is set to max 80%.

I feel no diffrence, right now i got about 20 tabs open, netlimiter, skype and some other stuff, the temps are about 50.

In theory even 95 should be safe, but this is for your cpu. Since the place is very cramped this could lead to problems with other components in the future. I would suggest you to undervolt it, you should see a minor temp change there.

Oh,mine does get pretty hot at charging. I will try a non quick charger since this should reduce heat overall.