GPD Pocket 3 Glass Trackpad & Keyboard Firmware 01/19/2022 - it works just don't panic

Hello Community,

I just wanted to share that I successfully updated the GPD Pocket 3 the other day with “GPD Pocket 3 Glass Trackpad & Keyboard Firmware 01/19/2022” (Checksum: 4c9f3cb1990c9efacacf00da6894cc7a88e71d646e56952840ffc5dee96857b2 *P3 Hyn_Fac_Bin - keyboard firmware.rar), when you do the upgrade make sure you attached an external mouse and keyboard as the touchpad and keyboard weirdly freezes during the firmware upgrade on the pre-installed Windows 10 (and it does not even say “finished” or “success”).

If you do reboot using the external mouse/keyboard it will be fine after the reboot.

Just my 2 cents to share.