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GPD setting Group Policies in the Factory and refusing to provide the Administrator password?

Can I ask something really seriously? Are we leasing this laptop or did we buy it?

Abigael Viaje 17 days ago
whats default password?

GPD HK 15 days ago
You needn’t that.You press ctrl,fn,shift and F3 to re-enter the system.

It gets much worse I’m afraid:

ckblackm 19 days ago
Why did GPD turn off automatic updates? It took me a while to find windows update, did you do something to the default Windows install?

GPD HK 19 days ago
The built-in Windows 10 Pro version of MicroPC is turned off by the “Group Policy” at the factory to avoid frequent upgrades, which can cause problems for users. If you are familiar with the Windows 10 environment, you can open Update yourself.

ckblackm 19 days ago
Given Microsoft’s latest urging to update because of severe security issues… You probably should let people know.

GPD HK 18 days ago
I think the personal computer is actually exaggerated as a threat. As far as I am concerned, it has not been affected. For example, before the CPU vulnerability was exposed, I did not upgrade the BIOS. I have not reinstalled the system for almost 3 years and disabled the update. Nor has it been hacked. If you must upgrade, there are many third-party tools, such as: Dism++ Download address:



That’s all kinds of wrong. Especially on a laptop like the Micro PC that’s meant to use used by network administrators and system admins! They shouldn’t be doing that period though.

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