GPD Win 3 Touch Screen Issues

Hi I just bought a second hand GPD win 3 cheaper than retail price due to the touchscreen not working and the seller believing it’s a driver issue and not a hardware issue. I have updated the drivers, did a 1 key restore, updated windows, the whole lot, but nothing is working. It doesn’t register the touch at all! now, initially I thought I can live without the touchscreen, but this is just annoying. I have searched the forums, etc, but whilst the issue doesn’t seem common those posting have not gotten a fix yet.

Help please guys, is this hardware and is game over, or is it something that can be fixed? I love the device, just hate the fact that it feels incomplete. Thanks.

Having exactly the same issue - GPD emailed me the right drivers, I’ve done a full reinstall of the firmware etc, still no touch response. One day it just stopped working!

Dod you find a solution yet?