GPD Win Max 1 + 2 - Docking Station

Anybody Interested in a Docking Station for all the GPD Laptops? Will be compatible with all Mini-Laptops from GPD. Oculink + Thunderbolt-Compatible… Use a GTX, RTX or AMD GPU of your desire with your beloved GPD Mini Laptop.
If there are enough interested Users, im thinking of producing a larger amount of these…

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if I can put a larger Gpu in there I would definitely be interested.

The Plan was to build 2 Versions. One for Mid-Tier GPUs with Size of RTX 3070. And one for High-Tier GPUs like a RTX 4090.

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Interesting, I always used a laptop but a good minipc in combination with an external GPU could be the best!

I’m a bit late to this thread, but I’d be interested