GPD Win Max 2023 (7840U) automatic repair problem and can't reinstall windows

Hi all,
Recently my new GPD win max 2023, AMD 7840U, 32 GB RAM, 2TB SSD, encountered hypervisor error but every time It restart it goes to automatic repair and then the screen went blank/black and nothing happening, but the fan will spin high like it overheat. I try to reinstall the OS from usb (flashdrive and external ssd) nothing work so far, I think I already follow the step as instructed in web site but it always start show gpd logo, the spin symbol appear for a moment and then goes blank/black. Did my GPD suffer a RAM problem or CPU/GPU problem and I need to send it back to GPD for replacement, it’s not even a month old. I can still access BIOS, so I don’t think it related with GPU or display problem. Any advice or suggestion will be appreciated.