GPD Win Mini memory timings

Has anyone with a GPD Win Mini gotten the chance to go through the BIOS settings? On the recent release, it looks like under UMC Common Options > LPDDR Options there’s a timing configuration option. This is on Auto by default but I’m wondering if it’s been stable for people at 7000?

I don’t even know Win Mini existed yet.

They need to work on the marketing. And also customer support.

Agreed on both accounts

All I know for DDR5 is that the memory speed have outgrown the SODIMM socket. If you run them over SODIMM you would struggle immensely with the speed (4800 seems to be the maximum possible without risking instability). For DIMM its less of a problem, but you are starting to have more problem with trace length.
Dell (at least one of its engineers) invented this entire CAMM thing, which is pretty cool.

GPD don’t have slots, so naturally that problem don’t exist. I guess if you want to see if 7K works you can do that (set 7K) and then run a MAT-S test or something.

looks like that might be more stable with better cooling

As an update to this, it looks like RAM is stable on the following Linux distros when at 7000Mhz and the CPU set to 45W for desktop gaming:

  • ChimeraOS (6.5.6)

  • Nobara Linux (6.6.11)

  • Fedora Linux (6.6.11)

  • openSUSE Tumbleweed (6.7)