GPD Win4 usb-c peripheral

Hello, does either usb-c ports on win4 2023 support peripheral mode (formally called otg on previous usb versions)? In the advertising it states one as Full-featured, which I would take as having all possible features. If indeed it does support peripheral mode, does any documentation exist for the controller? I have not been able to find any.

So no kindly gpd employee with any info on the typec driver or if it has udc, maybe even a link to a datasheet etc? Just knowing if it has the capability would be super helpful

ok in case anyone else is ever looking, after using every efi/bios/dsdt/wmi etc extractor/parser etc i could find non of the guid’s etc that i know of for pd typec etc could i find. But the Ec from ITE these devices use does have the capabilities for all the usb stuff. Now i dont know for sure if its being used for that or not its currently my best guess. ive found the firmware source for the chip in 2 places, a random github and also system76 uses it in a couple of models. Of course i dont know how any of the pins are attached to what/where but system76 does have some tools that are supposed to help to some degree. It seems unlikely gpd would release any information that would help considering they didnt even respond to these posts with even a “your sol” but i will see what the system76 tools can do. I may be barking up the wrong tree but if anyone has access to any sorta schematic, datasheets, even word of mouth thatd be great. and sorta unrelated id love to have access to uart/i2c/spi but havent opened mine up yet to see what if any test points exist. So if anyone is aware of any testpoints providing additional io im all ears. If i find anything ill make sure to post here.