Hackintosh Solved / Work In Progress 10.14.6 EFI FW 0.24

GPD P2 Max - Hackint0sh Mojave 10.14.6 [M3-8100Y 16G 512G - FW 0.24]
EFI Link - https://gofile.io/?c=B87ggc

What Works;

Graphics Accelleration
Power Management
Battery / Power Display
Trackpad (20190919 Chinese keyboard firmware will cause problems)
HDMI (Not tested)
Sleep / Wake

What Doesn’t Work;

Wifi (Intel, never going to happen)
Touch Screen
Fingerprint Reader

Please share your findings and help us get this to 99% fully working (without Wifi of course).


Thanks @Space for this I will link to this from other thread talking about hackintosh. Thanks again for posting.

Thanks, @Space! Did you make the EFI?

I wonder anyone try to remove the onboard wifi…

I am tempted to do so…
tho my question is, after removal are there enough space for a connector and a NGFF wifi that would work with hackintosh…that’s the question…