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HWiNFO64 and TotalPower sensor?


Can anyone tell me how to get the “TotalPower” sensor in HWiNFO64 that Phawx shows here:

I don’t have it I only get “Total System Power” under CPU heading which despite its name is not the TotalPower cumulatively being used.


Please check if this script could help you to know your battery consumption as a report. Just copy the following lines into a text file and change the extension of the file to .bat and just double click the file to execute the script. This would display the battery consumption report on the browser.

REM To check the battery consumption report in Windows
REM Created by Aravind.C
powercfg /batteryreport
timeout 1
start battery-report.html

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Thanks very much @aravind
I will hopefully try this later today.

@admin The script that I have mentioned above gives a detailed report of total battery consumption over period of days.

However if you want real time information of the battery consumption, which is the exact .exe that is being used by Phawx is given below. You can use the 64 Bit version.

You will find relevant information in the following section:

Yes I’m using HWiNFO64 version and the TotalPower sensor is not there showing current total draw in W

@admin You simple have to right click and rename the Charge Rate parameter from my previous screenshot in to Total Power and drag it to the top of the rows. You will get Phawx’s window :wink:

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HAHA brilliant. Thanks
I now feel rather dumb

Love to learn though so cheers.

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Nice Usage Report @aravind - Thanks very much for this.

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Hi @admin checkout this tool. It is a utility called BatteryInfoView. It could give you some good information regarding the battery status, health, charge/ discharge rate, etc.

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