Issues running docker or virtual machines (vms)?

Ive recently received my max and I want to run docker on the windows 10 home os provided, however it seems docker for windows is not supported. I’ve tried to download virtual box, but it says its not supported on the machine when I try and run the installer. Even though it looks like virtualisation is enabled. I’d like to try and get something working on windows first before I resort to dual booting, has anyone had any success running a vm and if so is there anything I’m missing?

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I haven’t tried, but, according to TechRadar, Hyper-V is Pro, not Home. Maybe that’s the issue.

Yeah it’s not on home, but it somehow seems to be interfering with running a vm as well. Even though it’s not enabled.

Maybe you should try WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux), it’s available in Preview.
They included a full Linux kernel and Docker should run ‘natively’.
I didn’t try it myself, but might be an alternative to upgrading Windows.

Had no issues to install and open up the VirtualBox on both WIndows Home (not reinstalled) and Linux. Haven’t tried running vm yet but app launches properly and I can add one. Hyper-V is only on Pro version and it interferes with other virtualization software only when it’s installed (needs manual picking it to install) and it’s boot flag is enabled. Then right - VBox refuses to launch with error stating that “it cannot take control of VT-x since Hyper-V is blocking it”. Still You can turn off it’s flag, restart the OS and VBox works again. So it’s not the case here which in the first place while You have the Home version totally makes it impossible to occur. Can You make sure VT-x is enabled in UEFI? And then that Windows also sees it as enabled.