Jumping Bios versions

I last updated the bios to 0.20. My device works great, but the fan definitely still runs alot. Should I upgrade? Also, can I go to 0.22 from 0.20, or do I need to go to 0.21 first?



@jasonchalk you can definitely jump Bios versions.

Word of caution I only found out two days ago that 0.22 is still in beta according to GPD from the comments they made on IGG. They are still working on the fan noise issue as far as I’m aware.

It’s upto you whether you wish to deploy a beta bios. I personally think they will release another production ready one sometime soon.

0.21 improved the fan noise for me a little bit but as others have said it’s not gone far enough. That’s production ready if you want to upgrade to this for now?

Totally your choice. If it helps you at all I’m running the 0.22 bios and it’s been stable all be it that resuming from standby and the fan is off for a couple of minutes which seems impossibility according to GPD. I talk about it on the fan always on thread in outstanding issues. It’s very strange and to me proves that the fan can be turned off.

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To answer your question: Yes you can jump BIOS versions.
You don’t need to perform incremental upgrade for BIOS.

I had also been using 0.22 and its so far so good.

@jasonchalk as I suspected there is another Bios release 15 minutes ago. I assume this is stable and not beta considering GPD made an announcement publically on IGG page?


Hope this helps.

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