Keyboard and mouse doesnt work when turn on the PCMax

@Yuho thanks for showing the problem. Please point gpd to those videos I believe that has to be hardware failure especially as your having the same delay / issue in bios menus.

@nev3rmi - were you experiencing the exact same issue as what @yuho shows in the videos?

Sorry you’ve got this problem and I hope GPD agree a replacement for you.

Please keep us update with the progress.

I posted about this issue on indiegogo site and they replied as follows.

You send an email to Send the machine back, because there is no similar problem in China, we have no way to verify what the problem is.

I have sent an email and waiting their reply.

Thank admin for creating this support site.
This site is very helpful.

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Yes I am. But I cannot send it back through DHL…

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Can you send via normal post office and obtain a certificate of postage or appropriate insurance.

Kendyz has promised to provide upto 30 USD for freight.


Look like it real difficult to send over the normal post especially in VN :confused: