Keyboard & Trackpad Unresponsive After Firmware Downgrade

At the bottom of, I downloaded The Hackintosh drivers of the GPD P2 Max.(Incomplete) with the intent of wiping windows and installing macOS.

It’s an archive based off of

As a first step, I downgraded the trackpad / keyboard firmware (as I’d previously installed 20190919). So, I ran the hailuck_keyboard_update_tool included (V144901K_4674052223_PXI_20190902_624911_WIN11_US_V11_PXI1335_CRC_61119092) and now the internal keyboard and trackpad are entirely unresponsive.

The reason for the downgrade is described here:

I’ve tried upgrading back to 20190919 and no joy. I’m able to boot windows successfully and log in with an external keyboard and mouse. I’m running BIOS 0.24.

Is there any way to diagnose or get debug information about the keyboard firmware?