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LED Indicator status changed in bios v. 0.23

Makoto Niwa
About LED indicator with BIOS 0.23
Did you change LED indicator of PC status ?
LED does not light in battery mode and only lights Red in charging with BIOS 0.23.
With previous BIOS , LED lights Green in Power on , blink Orange in sleep, and etc.
It is inconvenience, Can you fix it ?

Yes, like what you said, the Bios V 0.23 removed the charging indicator multiple states, because the indicator status brings trouble to users. For example, when charging in sleep mode, the indicator light will flash, then the users will ask if there is any problem with charging. The V0.23 BIOS indicator is limited to two states, when charging, the indicator will be in red, when battery is fully charged, it will be in green.