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[LINUX] Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

I’m currently running a dual boot with Windows 10 and Manjaro w/ KDE kernel version 4.19.69-1.

I was having issues connecting to previously saved wifi networks until I realized the issue was with the P2 trying to request a new IP address from the DHCP service on my router every reboot. I set a static IP in the connection menu and I’ve had no issues since.

I did the acpi override in my bootloader and the touchscreen works.

I installed fingerprint-gui via the AUR and it seems like the fingerprint scanner is not found. There’s an ‘unknown vendor…unknown device’ listed in lsusb. Is that the scanner?

Has anyone been able to get the fingerprint scanner working in Linux?

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@sull1v47v - From some quick Googling when I first received my P2Max, the reader seems to be one that is commonly used in Chromebooks and Android phones/tablets, but not direct linux support. I’d imagine this would be fairly easy to find.

In looking deeper into this, the fingerprint reader is a “FocalTech FTE 4800” which uses the SPI bus. fprintd, at the time being, only supports readers using the USB bus.

The devices appear in the following location in linux:


Here is some work being done on a device (Goodix GXFP5187) that also uses the SPI bus:


@joshwiththegoodhair many thanks for your work on this, I see on the freedesktop gitlab that this issue has been ongoing for some time, I hope there will be a resolution shortly.

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