Loose screen hinge on P2 Max

I’ve had my P2 Max a couple of weeks now and apart from the noisy fan I’m pleased with it. But over the last couple of days I’ve noticed there’s a lot of ‘play’ in the screen hinge, particularly noticeable when using it while on the move.

I’ve shot a video demonstrating what I mean - see https://youtu.be/t6mASkakcr0. Is this normal or should I bug the Amazon seller for a replacement?

Mine is firm, and I’ve had mine since 9/26. However, I rarely carry it open. If I do I’m very careful. I also don’t open/close more than 10 times per day max.

Same story here - no drops or any other damage so this must be a fault. I’ve RMA’ed it back to the Amazon seller.

I’m soooo envious of the ease in the US of RMA’ing. Here in Indonesia the cost is prohibitive and having to deal with the tax office is even more so. Makes me super picky though, and that saves me money that I would have spent frivolously otherwise… so I guess that’s good haha.