My GPD Win Max 2 (2023) 7840u/2TB/32GB Stuck on Auto Repair Loop and can't be reinstall

Hi my not yet one month old GPD Win Max have Hypervisor error then Automatic Repair Problem stuck loop that ended with black/blank screen and high speed fan like overheat. I try to remedy the loop by reinstalling the Win 11 + driver via link provided in GPD website and follow the instruction step by step but to no avail. I can only manage to choose usb uefi partition from boot manager and after GPD logo it will stuck in black/blank screen and high speed fan again. Up until now this is the most disappointing investment I ever get. New laptop that can not be used after only 2 week operational. I hope GPD will solve it fast.

In my personal experience, running any Linux distro on here has not resulted in any issues that I have seen, only Windows 11. This is why I migrated to Nobara Linux, and have been able to game fine.

I see that you have reinstalled Windows 11 with the GPD drivers, have you also tried updating the BIOS?

Well since I dual use the GPD Win Max as light work and gaming, and considering it’s not one month old yet, I may ruled out that the only problem I have is the OS and changing it to linux distro will remedy the problem, but I would do it, if it going to solve it. May I also explain that the re-installation with win11 never did finish, since the GPD will also stuck in blank/black screen, the cpu/gpu fan will spin high and the gpd will feel quite hot near the heat sink and after few minutes sometime almost hour, it will turn it self down probably to avoid getting too hot. The BIOS if I check through BIOS Menu (which I still able to access) is already the latest 0.35 version of WM2 2023. I would like to check the inside of WM2 but I did not dare to open it since it still have gpd sticker warranty in middle screw hole. I suspect either CPU/GPU, RAM or SSD have stability problem, but since I wasn’t able to open it, unless GPD it self said open the sticker would not void the warranty. I also try to install the 2nd SSD (the new SSD that work normally with other laptop) but GPD does not let me to use 2nd ssd to install the OS nor create it as windows to go external ssd. The GPD WM2 it self still able to accept charging untill full so I ruled out the problem with battery, and the fact that I still able to access bios, the display should also did not have any problem.

is it still in warranty with them?