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Why is the hard drive setup in two partitions?

I don’t have mine yet so I can’t say for sure, but do you mean you see two drive letters in Windows? Or you see two partitions in a partition manager? If you mean two partitions, it may be there is an oem partition like most laptops have for restore functionality…

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If you have already activated your Windows 10 once, Microsoft remembers the product key tagged against the device id. If you don’t want to have 2 partitions, you can remove the partition and freshly install the Windows 10 Home edition by downloading it using the Microsoft Media Creation tool found below.


Follow the below steps to create the installation USB and to perform a fresh install of the OS. You can delete all the partitions in the dialogue “Where do you want to install windows” appears, and create a single partition. While creating a single partition 3 other partitions will be created automatically with minimal storage space, which is mandatory for Windows:


Please download and keep all the device drivers from GPD. As you may need them after installation of windows.

@aravind isn’t it preactivated already when it is shipped? I mean I setup using Out of Box Experience using the lovely (not) Cortana assistant.
I didn’t need to activate the system?

So my question is I plan to wipe the SSD tomorrow and install dual os primary partition Ubuntu Mate and a small Windows partition. (I already used Microsoft media creation tool to create bootable usb and tested it booted but exited as I wasn’t ready to do the wipe at that time just wanted to ensure it booted successfully)

I also extracted my product key using vbs script method I posted about and verified that it matched the one in systeminfo (gpd bios version checking tool) - It did.

Will I need to re-activate the oem product key somehow. If so what is the steps? Many years back I used to have to ring up Microsoft activation helpline toll free and they would reset it over the phone. I guess that’s no longer the case as we have made advancements? Please advise what steps are you referring to to reactivate windows 10 home.


This is not the case anymore. Microsoft is storing our device ids and product key on their servers. So that we don’t need to input the product key. Mostly the product key would not be asked if the same is detected during the installation process. However if the product key input is prompted, you can simply skip that step and continue installation. After installation you can go to [Right Click] Computer > Properties and check for the Windows Activation. It might take a couple of minutes for the Windows to get activated after your PC is connected to the internet.

After I received my unit I simply followed the steps to configure and login into the system for the first time. I checked the Windows activation status [in Computer > Properties] and it was already activated. So when I downloaded a fresh copy of Windows 10 Home using media creation tool and did a fresh install of Windows after removing the partitions and creating a single partition in the installation steps itself. After I completed the configuration steps after installation, windows was automatically activated when I checked in [Right Click] Computer > Properties

Yes great this is what I expected thanks. Sorry my misunderstanding I think I got confused with the first sentence of your post.

Good thanks for clarifying. There is unlikely to be any issues on reinstall.