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P2 max.0.24 (bios)

P2 MAX.0.24 (BIOS)

It seems like the v 0.24 BIOS for the P2 Max has fixed the following issues:

  • Touch screen can’t be used with Ubuntu
  • Display not showing up after notebook goes into sleep state

I have attached the installation file for the benefit of people who are unable to access the GPD site, and also provided the direct download link from GPD. People using Linux OS, please test this and confirm. (5.9 MB)

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After this bios update my Manjaro ( Linux ) experiments thermal shutdown at 62°C … Windows still boots up fine.

Edit : So I found out what was the issue, acpi_override should be removed and grub should be regenerated.
Touchscreen issue is definitely resolved, sleep issue also seems resolved as far as I know