P2 Max 2020 issue with suspend mode in windows

Hi there! I have a P2 Max of 2020. I have tried all bios versions.Actually in 0.29. The thing is at the beginning i noticed an issue with the suspend mode that ocurs only in windows. In ubuntu works great. The issue is the gpd runs the suspend mode aleatorily although the battery is full and if the charger is plugged in. I have look for a solution but not found any information or similar cases.
I asked to the official GPD shop in aliexpress where i bought it but they didn´t help me. Only asked me to send it but it not worth because the shipment is expensive.

Anybody can help me please?

Maybe the problem is the battery. Perhaps it is in bad state but it have been taken care of.


On my P2 Max 2022 I have the opposite issue: PC never go in suspend mode, it wake up immediately, Also, I cannot turn off: if I turn of, It immediately restart.