P2 max 2022 touchscreen issue

Hello there!

After purchase p2 max 2022 and fresh reinstallation of Win 10 from official resource (GPD P2 Max 2022 Firmware & Driver & BIOS - Shenzhen GPD Technology Co., Ltd.) i faced a problem with touchscreen driver. Touch input is mirrored by Y axis (for example then i touch right top corner of screen OS registering touch in the left top corner) . Reinstallation of driver from archive provided in link above and calibration didn’t solve a problem.

Can anybody tell me how to fix this issue?

And the second question:
In Ubuntu with kernel 6.X all work fine (even sound). But no touch input. Module Goodix_ts loaded, device exists in “libinput list-devices” output but no events.

Is any way to make goodix touch working on Ubuntu?

Ok found solution myself.
After installation touch driver P2MAX-touch(修复偏移).exe from legacy P2 max official driver archive i got working touchscreen on Windows and even Linux)