P2 max battery problem

Is it really so bad?? Or something with mine? Only 4 hours in

You should be getting at least 5 hours. Calibrate it.

  1. Drain the battery until Windows shuts down.
  2. Connect the power until you can enter BIOS.
  3. Disconnect the power, and leave it on the BIOS screen until the P2 Max shuts down.
  4. Charge until full. You can use Windows while you do this but don’t do anything too heavy. Let the battery charge fully.

Also, make sure you don’t have anything unnecessary running in the background. Shitty antivirus and firewall apps are big culprits. Other apps like Steam should only be running when you’re using them.

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@Ferio74 after you followed @Stone-D method of battery re-calibration. Do a couple of cycles of battery drain by usage and then charging it to full. After a few days run the attached script by copying it to desktop or someplace, and you can see your exact battery usage over the couple of days that you have done the full drain cycles.
My usage since OS install is approximately 5.2 hrs on average.
batteryreport.bat (143 Bytes)