P2 max randomly shutting down

Has anyone had a problem with windows shutting down the machine even when it’s in use?
I had had this problem when updating from bios 0.21 to 0.24, the machine was shutdown by windows when the bios was being flashed. Luckly everything was ok when I powered it back on, but the shutting down problem persisted, then I thought it could be due to the previous update have been interrupted, I decided to update to bios 0.24 once again. Unfortunately same thing happened, windows shutdown the machine during the update. Now I press power button and can only hear the fan working, the display won’t turn on.
Any help would be welcome.

I got it fixed. It’s up and working again.

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How did you fix it? If someone else has a similar problem it might be useful.

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They wanted me to send it back to China, but as I knew it was related to the bios chip, I asked them to send me a new one with the latest firmware.
They did it, I haven’t received yet though, but I happen to realize the bios .exe file provided on their website can be extracted and holds a .bin file inside it.
So I put the .bin file in a flash drive and took it to a technician near my house and asked him to reflash the eprom. It was really fast and solved the problem.
I think the shutdown problem was really related to the interruped flashing process before it went dead the first time. I’ve been using it for a couple hours now and everything is just fine.