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P2 Max - Reported Battery Life

What is the reported battery life of your P2 Max devices with Windows 10?
Mine is reporting a life of about 5.5 Hrs roughly with the following settings:

  • Screen resolution set to 1920 x 1200
  • Windows Battery Saver On
  • BIOS TDP Profie with Fan : Standard Mode
  • TDP : Energy Saving Mode

I feel that 1920 x 1200 is pretty much sufficient on the display of this size.


I did a lot of tests and there are results:

just to understand names
25/50/100B - brightness level (resolution was native)
0/25/100CPU - power mode (in default balanced plan)
no prefix - wildlife.wmv video playing time
edge prefix - special script that opens randomly 10 tabs in edge with intervals 30-120secs
FFV - Final Fantasy XV bench in Lite 1080p loop mode
I did this on BIOS 0.20, after add additional tests with new 0.23 (low/std power in BIOS)

As you can see - most important part of battery life is screen brightness.


Thanks @iwalker2000 this is very useful to see.