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P2 Max: The various firmwares / updates on GPD page

Can someone please clarify what versions should I install?

I understand that if I install BIOS 0.24 then I don’t need to install the other versions available. What about “GPD P2 Max 512 SSD create E”, what is that for??

And “Modify the problem that the shutdown charging” and “Win and Alt key swap”?

Thank you.

@casainho I know for sure that you can jump BIOS versions (so if you have 0.21 you can install 0.24 skipping the two versions in between).
You can still upgrade one by one (measuring CPU Package consumption on idle, for science! :)).

The charging indicator supposedly solves the issue of red light not being on while the system is charging while shut down. I didn’t use it because I didn’t have this issue.

Win and Alt key swap - supposedly some people need left alt more than Win key, so that’s for them.

No idea about E drive, my P2 MAX came with SSD split into C/D/E drives of different sizes. Maybe some batches had unpartitioned space after disk D and that’s for them.

I want to also note that some of the files there are marked as trojans by Windows Defender. Like “BIOS version number query tool” and some others. Maybe they are false positives, I checked them on Virus Total and I think 3-4 anti-virus engines had issues with the files.

@MutableLambda About the “Modify the problem that the shutdown charging indicator is not lit” file - that one confuses me. It seems to be the BIOS files for 0.19. At the time the rar was uploaded, the first batch was out with, I believe, version 0.21. Is this a downgrade flasher?

Win/Alt - I use Alt-F4 a LOT, so being able to hit Fn+LAlt with my left thumb in one go is a big yay for me. I also swapped the keys!

E Drive - My unit is from the most recent batch, and it came with C: and D:

100 Mb     EFI
110 Gb     C:
365.86 Gb  D:
880 Mb     Recovery

There’s no space left. I usually leave about 10-20% for overprovisioning on my SSDs - is that no longer necessary?

I don’t think the guys who put it on the website know much technical details. Most likely the fix was incorporated into all subsequent BIOS versions, but they forgot to mention that. I wonder if they have some sort of release notes for BIOS versions, can be illuminating.

I have the following:

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
C:\             120G   73G   48G  61% /mnt/c
D:\             118G   97M  118G   1% /mnt/d
E:\             239G  101M  239G   1% /mnt/e

+880 MB recovery partition, no idea why they split it this way.

From my side - “GPD P2 Max Windows Firmware 20190703” looks a lot like Windows installation distributive. Is it even legal to distribute it this way?

I’ve seen similar packages before, and customized installation distributions are all over the place. I’m going to assume that Microsoft only cares about the ones with embedded activation hacks.

From a legal standpoint, I doubt anyone can do anything about re-hosting files. At best all they can do is blacklist them from future business, especially if they’re enterprise users. That’s what Apple does when their enterprise certificates are used to sign jailbreak apps.