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P2 Max undervolting

Did someone play with Intel XTU on P2 Max? Did you find best settings for battery saving/stable high performance mode. I found until my investigations that -0.080 volt/11 TDP/20sec Max wait give additional stable 10% performance in most works/graphics benchmarks. Would you shared yours, especially for battery saving mode?

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I did, still trying to make CPU Package to consume less than 1W with all power saving options on. The issue is that it behaves abnormally. For example in this video (, as you undervolt CPU, it consumes less power. In my case, the voltage drops, but the CPU still consumes 1.5W+. It is not normal, because my P2 non-max (also 8100Y) consumes around 0.5W with all power saving options on, even without any undervolting done. Tried the MAX on both 0.23 and 0.24, there’s something wrong with power savings. Sadly there’s no way to downgrade to 0.21/0.22 - they reportedly had better battery life.


I’m having the same issue. CPU never goes below 1.5W and never entered C7 until a fresh install.

I was hoping this would he resolved with the latest bios. Would love to hear thoughts as my p2 hit .5 regularly while idle.

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Tried undervolting. CPU/Cache undervolts to -0.085 on dynamic, stable. It can hold more, like -0.095, but will crash on heavy load changes – probably can be stable on fixed high core frequency.

GPU doesn’t like to be undervolted at all (system crashes eventually).

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I’ve been able to undervolt with Throttlestop. CPU/Cache by -0.090, GPU/iGPU by -0.070 and System Agent by -0.050. Tested several benchmark runs (just CPU, just unity heaven, and an actual game that loads both CPU and GPU heavily) and it seems stable.

How hot does your VR VCC Temperature reading get during benchmarking? Mine seems to go higher when plugged in and under load, but I haven’t done much testing.

Up to 99C, even with stock cooling.
That’s why I still think that my silent fan profile for NBFC is not ready for general usage.
These VRMs sometimes are rated up to 125C, but even 99C feels unsafe. Maybe a thermopad mod needed, but that’s offtopic.

Yeah, i’ve noticed that the USB-A next to the USB-C can’t be trusted if you’re doing a lot of data transfer while plugged in. Two failed attempts at cloning my original SSD before I switched to the other one.

If GPD can’t fix the over-15 volt issue with PD in BIOS a mod is probably going to be needed. In the meantime, I’ve stopped using my Anker 30W charger.

So I’ve finally settled on my undervolting profiles. I’m using ThrottleStop for adjustments and I currently have two profiles.

Battery Profile (Adjusted Voltages and Turbo Ratio Limits):

Performance Profile (Adjusted Voltages):

Turbo Power Limits (Increased Turbo Boost Long Power Max from 8W to 10W):

Using the Performance Profile, I was able to increase my benchmark scores between 15% to 20%. The ThrottleStop built-in CPU only benchmark (TS Bench) increased by 18% over stock settings with just a 3C average temp increase while running (max temps stayed the same). Unity Heaven benchmark increased by 14% average FPS and 16% Total Score. Only issue I’ve noticed is that the VRM (VR VCC) temp did spike up to 111C during super heavy long benchmark runs, but that was just a spike and it averaged 89C which is fine.

The Battery Profile basically has the same overall performance as the stock settings but at reduced power, meaning less wattage consumed and less heat produced.

Nice! What are your System Agent and GPU undervolts?

@Stone-D it’s in the pictures. System Agent is -0.0508, Intel GPU and iGPU Unslice are both -0.0703

LOL sorry, I’m new to TS and didn’t look in that window.

What do your Bios & Windows power management settings look like? Thanks.