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Probably a brick

i tried to update the bios from the 0.25 file in the new update thingie.
but it got stuck mid way while erasing the old bios…
i waited and waited but no help. and than i had to shut down the pc. the worse idea i ever had…
now when i turn it on my pc has black screen no booting…
any one got any help for that? besides sending it to gpd for a repair.

Recently one person commented about reflashing and ordering a new chip - so two methods are here: P2 max randomly shutting down
Well I don’t think anything else can be done besides that. Wish You the best bro.

hmmm thats an option.
but it will probably will kill my warranty no?

Hard to tell for me - You should ask the author @juniorlemos or directly kendyz from GPD.