Problem with BIOS settings reverting back to original

Hello. Nice to meet you.

I am using a GPD MicroPC and I have a problem that I cannot solve, so I need your help.

I am using a GPD MicroPC to shoot VR videos, and I have been using it with BIOS settings changed, but when I recharge the battery and turn it on again after the internal battery is completely dead after not using it for a while, the BIOS settings that I have set revert to the original settings. Is there any way to avoid this?

If … oh, so after the battery goes to 0% the BIOS settings are lost?

BIOS settings are not stored in non-volatile memory (this is so that if a BIOS setting become corrupt, or you changed the settings in such a way that you locked yourself out, you can fix that). Or that you won’t be worrying about BIOS flash wearing out after you change your settings 10,000 times.

On a good portion of computers (not just laptops) there is a separate “backup battery” that is responsible for keeping this setting intact as you swap the batteries. On GPD and certain newer computers, that backup battery no longer exist. So it’s possible that if you discharge your battery to 0% and cause it to lock up, you will lose your BIOS settings.

This is almost “intended feature” rather than a bug.

Thank you for your response.

I knew it was not a BUG, but a specification in the first place.
I think there should be a backup battery on the motherboard, but this product doesn’t have one, and when the power supply runs out, the BIOS settings seem to be reset.
So, the only solution is to keep it plugged into a power outlet to maintain the power supply.