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Proof bios version 0.20 resolved BSOD and Memory Failures


This thread has been archived as it became confusing with replies. From now on all firmware / driver / software updates will be created as closed topics so that replies are disabled. My apologies.

The Firmware threads have been added and pinned.
This is simply archived for proof the bios version resolved the BSOD and Memory failures.

Please see this topics for firmware pinned. There has been two releases of BIOS very quickly.

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Do i need fo install this BIOS update even if I’m not affected?

I saw others saying that this new bios update allows more granular configuration so could be tweaked and customised more. I suppose it depends on your use case and your technical desires.

I haven’t looked into this BIOS yet but I can confirm that I was getting occasional crashes before, with MemTest finding over 700 errors. After flashing this, there were no errors or crashes.

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Nice @FortressP2Maximus. You’ve flashed the new bios and your singing and dancing and enjoying your GPD experience :smile:


I think you should upgrade to version 0.20 Bios now as it is confirmed Official a few minutes ago. Thanks.

Thanks! Will try to figure out how to update. Any guides you guys can share on how to go about updating the BIOS?

Download the file from and run the EXE. I would recommend a right-click and running it as Administrator simply because of what it is.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile: Appreciate the steps.

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the fan is still louder and noisy. please gpd look into this issue. it is very nagging.

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@boomthong I have a thread for this issue here

GPD are aware and also a community member has described a potential work around with regards to modification of xtu settings. I’ve asked for clarification but please follow the correct thread for the information when it becomes available. Thanks.

FYI – I reran the Memtest86 test and my memory issues went from 8,000+ failed tests to 0 failed tests and 0 BSOD issues in 24 hours of usage. This bios certainly fixed it. Also in Memtest, the laptop is reporting different RAM. They may have had a supplier switch and didn’t properly update the bios to reflect the new memory type? (My theory). Behold before and after test screenshots!

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