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Proposed change to Categories on Homepage - Please object within 24 hours if you disagree with proposal


I’ve made some changes to the Categories and I have enabled Tags. In the hope of attempting to tidy this space up. I have also changed the homepage to “Categories with Latest”

NOTE: This is not “MY” site as far as I’m concerned, it is a space for us all and I want this space to be somewhere where you feel there is a benefit to you otherwise we may as well close it.

Please if you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve this discourse site. Please put them in this post.

One suggestion I have had was to have a primary category for each GPD device and then secondary categories / tags underneath the device. This is possible (i think) but I’m not sure what is best and wish for this community to drive the changes they want to see collectively.

I’ve made an attempt this evening, I honestly cant tell if I’ve made any improvement at all, or whether its still as messy as it was before, or perhaps its now worse? I don’t know.

Let me know your thoughts either in here or privately if you dont want to post publically.


I have created a poll for the community to advise on the homepage changes preferences. Whatever the outcome of this poll is will be the choice for the homepage. So if you wish to have a say please vote.

  • Prefer Homepage split as it is now (Categories on left and latest on right)
  • Prefer Homepage as long list of topics (previous look)
  • Some other layout - please specify in this topic thread

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Poll closes in less than 24 hours.

This is just my opinion. I feel that the homepage with following 3 split would look good: On the left with Parent Category as: Device; and on the right with Sub-Category for: classification of thread as Support & Help/ Hardware Related/ Software or Firmware Related/ OS Related. We can also add one more category as Status, which could be the current final status of the thread such as: Outstanding Issue, Resolved, Pending Retest, Un-Resolved, Etc. But we need not display it on the home page. We can move the common items such as site feedback, etc to the bottom of the page if possible.

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Not many people wanting to vote less than 2% of registered users chose to vote so far.
5 hours left.

I like what you suggest @aravind.

For starters - I think moving the categories to be fixed rather than Dynamically changing based on whether they are popular or updated would be a good start. This would allow us to keep some uniformity and have as you say site feedback and lounge and admin stuff at bottom with more interesting conversations at the top. The other of what you mention could be tricky out of the box especially the three split you mention. I’m not sure thats possible without some dev effort.

I propose the following to start with:
Rename Software Category to Announcements but keep the software as a tag.

Order as follows:

  1. Announcements
  2. Support & Help Requests
  3. Discussion
  4. How-to

Then everything else below.

We will need to think how we can tidy up the Outstanding Issue / Resolved Issue / Pending re-test category. I agree with you @aravind in principle but in terms of achieving something else I need a little more time to have a think and a play with how to make this better. If anyone is familiar with Discourse and knows a good way to achieve what it is we are trying to do please get in touch either here or direct message. Thanks.

Likewise if anyone wants to object to the above proposal please do so on this thread within 24 hours.
If no objections are received I’ll look to change the categories to fixed tomorrow evening 23:01 GMT as this is a quick change which I think will improve the site.

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I apologise for the delay. I have not been too good last few days and haven’t got round to doing this. I will implement late at night tonight or tomorrow.

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Fixed categories changed.
More work is needed in this area and when I get time I’ll hope to improve it. For now it’s a start and I’ll close this.

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