Refund troubles

Does anyone have experience getting a refund from GPD?

So, several weeks ago I requested a refund (after the campaign finished) I am not very clued up on tech and couldn’t afford a unit which I might need to repair myself.
I was asked to email Kendyz.
A few days later he replied and said he would refund. I was then notified that my contribution had been marked as refunded on Indiegogo. And in my contribution details it stated that I have been refunded OUTSIDE Indiegogo platform and I needed to contact the company directly with any questions.

A few weeks has gone by so I email Kendyz. He tells me to wait a few days for it to show. It doesn’t show.
Now he is telling me if I want a refund I need to contact Indiegogo. As they have my money.

I just don’t understand. Surely my money was released to GPD after the campaign.

What should I do?


Hi @Ollynz,

Apologies for the delay I’ve been really busy with other stuff.
Can you please let me know if Kendyz has resolved this issue for you.
If not I’ll reach out to them on your behalf on the condition that you send to me privately on here the emails you’ve sent and had back. DM me. Thanks

I think everything has shut down between 1 and 7 October for a National Holiday according to Indiegogo.

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No this is still unresolved. Kendyz tells me indiegogo has seized my money and I need to ask them for it.
Indiegogo tells me that GPD marked my payment as “refunded outside Indiegogo”. Indiegogo can do nothing.
The problem is, I believe Kendyz has literally just hit a button that marks my payment as refunded. I don’t believe he has actually refunded my money.

I can send you the screenshots via PM if it lets me. Or I can email you the entire email chain if you like.

Thanks so much for your help

Hi @Ollynz

Thanks for your direct messages and screenshots of the emails.
I have today contacted KendyZ @ GPD and I await their response. I cc’d you into the email.
Thanks for your patience.